In everything we do, we believe in creating a better and brighter future for humanity. The world runs on relationships. At Techjays we are focusing on creating a better future for our clients, our employees, and our communities.

For our clients, we will utilize our proven process and proprietary tools and methods to engineer and deliver valuable software solutions to solve their most pressing challenges.


Happy dev teams produce great results. We are a 100% Agile shop that focuses on the needs of the tech worker to have fulfilling and interesting work, realistic expectations, and an ability to hone their craft.

Even though the evening news seems to inundate us with stories of greed, violence, and crime in our communities; we know that there are just as many, if not more, groups and individuals working selflessly every day doing great work to support their neighbors who are struggling. At Techjays we aim to support these unsung heroes in a significant way.

For those who choose to work with Techjays, you won’t have to look far to see evidence of our focus on the values of philanthropy, transparency, integrity, and employee support.


Philip Samuelraj

Founder and Chief Helper

Saravana Pandi

Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

Deepan Mohankumar

Director, Australia

Keerthi U S

Director of Human Resources

Arun M P

Director of Engineering

Jesso Clarence

Chief Technology Officer


We are constantly on the lookout for smart people who are passionate about building great products, designing great experiences, building scalable platforms, and making customers happy. If this describes you, feel free to take a look at our openings below and apply.