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Ensuring transparency and minimizing risk through diligent investigation


Who we are

Our team of experts conducts due diligence for clients and partners with the objective of comprehensively investigating and evaluating all facets of a technological investment, ensuring that it is a prudent and sound decision.

How we do it

We employ a systematic approach, using various tools and methodologies to assess risks and opportunities associated with the technical infrastructure, systems, processes, and resources of the company. Our analysis is objective, diligent, and detail-oriented, enabling us to provide our clients and partners with valuable insights and recommendations.

Technical due diligence stages

Define the scope and objectives of the due diligence

Gather information about the company's technical landscape

Review the software development

Evaluate the technical infrastructure, systems, and processes

Assess the
technical team

Analyze the data and identify potential risks and opportunities

Provide recommendations for improvement

Present findings and recommendations to stakeholders

Detailed process

This includes determining the areas of focus, such as software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, or infrastructure, and the timeframe for the assessment.
Here we gather information about the company’s technical landscape which includes reviewing documentation, such as technical specifications, system diagrams, and data flow charts, conducting interviews with key personnel, and observing the technical infrastructure in action.
Then we will evaluate the company’s technical infrastructure, systems, and processes, to identify any technical issues, risks, or vulnerabilities.
The team will review the company’s software development process, including the methodologies used, the tools and technologies employed, and the quality control processes in place.
The due diligence team will assess the technical team responsible for the company’s technology operations. This includes reviewing the team’s qualifications, experience, and performance, and evaluating their capacity to support the company’s technical needs.
The due diligence team will analyze the data gathered from the evaluation and assessments to identify patterns and draw meaningful insights. This will help identify areas for improvement and potential risks and opportunities.
Based on the analysis and assessments, the due diligence team will provide recommendations for improvements, including changes to the technical infrastructure, processes, and team.
The final step is to present the findings and recommendations to the stakeholders, including executives, investors, and other decision-makers. The report will typically include an overview of the company’s technical landscape, a summary of the risks and opportunities, and recommendations for improvement.

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