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Discover your next great adventure with ease - the ultimate app for foodies, thrill-seekers, and travel enthusiasts alike!




iOS & Android Apps


Tourism and Hospitality


Travel and Leisure


United States,US

Company size


Key services

Product Management, Responsive Design,
Native mobile app DEV

Product Management,
Responsive Design,
Native mobile app DEV


This app is the perfect platform for travel enthusiasts, foodies, adventure seekers, hidden gem hunters, and family fun finders looking to discover new and exciting experiences.

About Fayvit

Fayvit is the mobile app for discovering and sharing your favorite places and experiences, locally and around the world. Easily organize your travel experiences and find new places to go with the most authentic and reliable app for travel lovers, foodies, adventure seekers, hidden gem hunters, and family fun finders.

Key Features

  1.  Post and organize travel experiences in one place.
  2.  Easily discover new places to go and things to do.
  3.  Follow friends and like-minded users to get the most authentic and relevant content.

Process Followed

  1. We initiated a brainstorming session to conceive the concept of social travel app that connects travelers with local experiences and accommodations. To implement the business use cases as technical use cases, we received assistance from the product management team. 
  2. Our development methodology followed the Agile-Lean startup model, prioritizing flexibility and responsiveness to user feedback. Once the technical documentation was completed, we groomed the items and created a product backlog that prioritized features and functionalities that would improve the user experience.
  3. We formed a scrum team and began our sprint with the engineering team’s activities. The app was developed over the course of 14 sprints, with regular check-ins and feedback loops to ensure that the app was meeting the needs of travelers and hosts alike. 

Technology Stack

Client Side

React Native

Server Side

Django Framework

Other Tools


Product Deliverables

  1. Scope document that includes business and technical use cases.
  2. Code for the project stored in a repository.
  3. Architecture diagram providing a clear overview of the system’s structure and components.
  4. Comprehensive test summary report to ensure quality standards are met.
  5. Detailed handover documents to facilitate the handover process.
  6. Support and maintenance details to ensure the product’s optimal functioning after deployment.


The Main Challenges That We Had Are

  1. Data accuracy and reliability: Ensuring that the app’s data is accurate and reliable. This requires integrating with multiple data sources, and ensuring that the data is up-to-date and consistent across all systems. Data synchronization is also critical to prevent conflicts and ensure data integrity.
  2. User experience: In the hospitality industry, user experience is a critical factor in determining the success of an app. Developing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that meets the needs of both guests and hosts can be challenging, requiring extensive user research and testing.

Our Learnings

  1. User experience is key: Building a hospitality app requires a focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Personalization is important: Offering personalized recommendations and experiences based on user preferences can greatly enhance the app’s value and user engagement.
  3. Real-time communication is critical: Providing real-time communication channels between users and service providers can improve customer service and help resolve issues quickly.

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Ready To Transform Your Vision Into Custom Software?

Embrace outsourcing and remote hiring with Our skilled software developers!

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