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United States

Key services

Product Design, Product Management
Project Management, Web App Development
Quality Assurance, Support and Maintenance

Product Design
Product Management
Project Management
Web App Development
Quality Assurance
Support and Maintenance

About PepCare

PepCare is primarily a web platform that enables Doctors in Dental practice to schedule appointments, referrals and provide virtual consultations within same practice and outside their network as well.

Feature Highlights - Doctor/Staff

It is easy for students at various universities to connect with brands for sponsorship opportunities.

Brands can conveniently search for university events related to their products and advertise them.

Student event organizers can monitor brand commitments for their events.

Brands can keep track of their sponsored products and inventory.

Student event organizers can update brands on the progress of their commitments.

Brands can provide updates on the delivery status of their products.

Feature - Patients

Schedule appointments to doctors of their choice from the list of doctors.

Choose either Traditional or Virtual consultations.

Directly chat / message with a doctor.

View all the educational documents, videos in their Patient Vault.

Technology Stack

Front End

React Native

Back End

Django Framework

Other Tools


Product Goals

  1. Enable dental practitioners to schedule appointments easily and efficiently, saving time for both practitioners and patients.
  2. Provide a seamless referral process that allows dental practitioners to refer patients to other practitioners within and outside their network.
  3. Facilitate virtual consultations, allowing patients to receive dental care remotely and reducing the need for in-person visits.
  4. Improve patient satisfaction by providing a user-friendly platform that enables easy scheduling, referral, and consultation processes.
  5. Increase productivity and efficiency within dental practices by streamlining communication and administrative tasks.
  6. Expand the network of dental practitioners, making it easier for patients to find qualified practitioners in their area.
  7. Ensure the platform is secure, reliable, and scalable, allowing for future growth and expansion.
  8. Continuously improve the platform through feedback from dental practitioners and patients, incorporating new features and functionality to meet their evolving needs.

The Process

Define product requirements: Based on the user research, define the product requirements that will guide the development of the platform. This step involves creating a product roadmap, outlining the key features and milestones for the project.
Develop wireframes and prototypes: Once the product requirements are defined, create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the platform’s interface and user experience. This will help identify any design or usability issues before development begins.
Develop the platform: Once the wireframes and prototypes are approved, begin the development process. This involves building the platform’s backend infrastructure and frontend user interface.
Test and QA: Once the platform is developed, conduct extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure it is stable, secure, and meets the product requirements.
Launch: Once the platform has passed testing and QA, launch it to the public. This step involves deploying the platform to a live environment and ensuring it is accessible to dental practitioners and patients.

Product Deliverables

  1. Scope document that includes business and technical use cases.
  2. End-to-end clickable high-fidelity design for the product.
  3. Code for the project stored in a repository.
  4. Architecture diagram providing a clear overview of the system’s structure and components.
  5. Comprehensive test summary report to ensure quality standards are met.
  6. Detailed handover documents to facilitate the handover process.
  7. Support and maintenance details to ensure the product’s optimal functioning after deployment.

Challenges We Faced

  1. Meeting tight deadlines is a common challenge for development teams. Managing time effectively and delivering a high-quality product on time can be difficult. Additionally, budget constraints can affect the quality of the final product, development time, and the number of features that can be included.
  2. With the increasing number of cyber threats, ensuring the security and privacy of data is a major challenge, and it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest security measures and best practices.

Our Learnings

  1. Planning is Key: Adequate planning can help to mitigate risks and ensure that the project stays on track. Developing a comprehensive project plan that includes timelines, milestones, and deliverables can help to keep the team focused and on track.
  2. Collaborate and Share Knowledge: Collaboration and knowledge-sharing among team members can help to promote a more efficient and effective development process. Encouraging team members to share their expertise and knowledge can help to solve problems more quickly and foster a culture of innovation.


To decrease paper, increase referral productivity, enhance and manage the virtual treatment experience, and increase doctor communication efficiency.

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Ready To Transform Your Vision Into Custom Software?

Embrace outsourcing and remote hiring with Our skilled software developers!

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