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Key services

Product Design,Product Management,Web App Development,Quality Assurance,Project Management

Product Design
Product Management
Web App Development
Quality Assurance
Project Management


A coselling app is a platform that enables businesses to collaborate and sell products or services together. With a focus on mutually beneficial partnerships, coselling apps allow businesses to reach new customers and expand their market share by leveraging the strengths of their partners

About Symbio

Symbio is a co-selling platform for two sales teams to perform joint sales and marketing activities. Partner Managers can create partnerships and invite partner company sales teams to co-sell and track account status. Dynamic marketing web pages can be created for individual accounts with integrated analytics to track and re-target leads. Symbio simplifies co-selling and improves lead generation for sales teams.

Key Features

Partnership Management

Improved Coordination

Sales Hub

Campaign Hub’s

Accounts Analytics

Sales Hub & Campaign Hub – Share Assets


Process Followed

Building a co-selling app involves several steps, starting with conceptualizing the app’s purpose and features. Once we were clear with the idea we began to create a wireframe and design a user interface. Afterward, the app’s functionality was developed, tested, and iterated upon, with special attention paid to security, scalability, and usability. Once the app was fully functional and has undergone rigorous testing, it is launched to the public.

Technology Stack

Client Side

React Native

Server Side

Django Framework

Other Tools


Product Deliverables

  1. Scope document that includes business and technical use cases.
  2. E2E clickable prototype
  3. Code for the project stored in a repository.
  4. Architecture diagram providing a clear overview of the system’s structure and components.
  5. Comprehensive test summary report to ensure quality standards are met.
  6. Detailed handover documents to facilitate the handover process.
  7. Support and maintenance details to ensure the product’s optimal functioning after deployment.


Symbio targets three different sets of audiences, they are totally three different platforms focusing on each persona. The platforms are living under the same DNS and creating an illusion of three separate and unique URLs was challenging. Another challenge was ensuring Data Security – Since co-selling apps often involve sharing sensitive information such as customer data and sales metrics, developers need to ensure that the app is secure and protected against unauthorized access. This involves implementing secure login and authentication procedures, as well as using encryption to protect sensitive data.

Lessons Learnt

  1. User experience is key: Building a hospitality app requires a focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Personalization is important: Offering personalized recommendations and experiences based on user preferences can greatly enhance the app’s value and user engagement.
  3. Real-time communication is critical: Providing real-time communication channels between users and service providers can improve customer service and help resolve issues quickly

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Ready To Transform Your Vision Into Custom Software?

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