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One of South India’s popular investigative magazines sought a Digital marketing partner to dramatically increase traffic to their recently launched News portal – Additionally, being a content-driven platform, the Client also wanted to generate revenue from Google AdSense as early as possible from the campaign.Just as the client was passionate about their business, so they were looking for an equally passionate team who knew and loved their job well.


We had a campaign brainstorming meeting involving Social media specialists to come up with the best social media marketing strategies. We recommended our total aggressive digital marketing package, especially focusing on Facebook besides Twitter and Google+ for immediate traffic generation. The solution had to be flexible, to handle aggressive traffic growth expectations.
One of our strategies was to identify and reach out to Facebook influencers to gain maximum exposure for news items and also to become a more reputable news source. This had a huge impact on our content sharing and in attracting relevant traffic which can be seen from our bounce rate of 0.63% which was as high as 0.81% before the launch of the campaign.


Thanks to our focused social media marketing activities, our team was able to reach 300,000 page views per month within 2 months. We achieved another milestone of over 125,000 impressions in Google AdSense within 4 weeks. Here are some of the campaign highlights:

page 1

300,000 Page views

Bounce rate

0.63% Bounce rate


75k Users


2:75 Avg. Session duration


125,000 Ad Impressions in Google AdSense

It was a combination of a two-month dedicated social media campaign that led to an increase in traffic, user base besides brand exposure.