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Unleash The Power Of Statistics & AI For Your Options Trading

Earn Additional Returns On Your Investments

Stockmints help you earn additional income from your Mutual
Funds, Stocks and Bond investments.



Financially smart people have been earning additional interest on top of their Mutual Fund and other investments. Now Stockmints helps you to achieve the same by leveraging the power of AI on your behalf. Connect the Stockmints client to your demat account and be on your way to making your money grow. Faster.

Turbocharge Your Existing Investments

Turbocharge Your Existing Investments

How To Adopt Stockmints

Leveraging stockmints is as simple as one, two and three, but in any case we are here to guide you. Book an appointment and we’ll hand hold you through the process.

Align Your Investments

Ensure that your investments are linked to a suitable demat account – Zerodha or ICICI Securities. If your investments are located elsewhere, CDSL provides everyone the option to move them. Support for Kotak, and others brokerages are on the way!

Align Your Investments

SignUp For Stockmints

When you sign up for Stockmints, you’ll be provided with access to our AI insights through a data API, and you’ll have a ready to use open source client that you can connect with your demat account which will trade automatically using our insights. If this sounds complicated, we will set the whole thing up for you in our onboarding call.

SignUp for Stockmints

$ Profit Daily $

Due to regulatory requirements, your automated trading client will require you to login to your demat account. Post that through the day, the client will leverage the Stockmints API to work for you making your existing investments work harder for you. You have complete control and visibility into the process, and no one apart from you will be touching a single rupee of yours!

$ Profit daily $

Features And

Complete Transparency

Peek, tinker, modify the open source client. You’re the boss of your investments and you need to be in the driver’s seat. Open your demat website or app and see orders getting placed and closed. See the rupees getting added – when we say transparency, we say bring the popcorn.

Complete Control

You are completely in charge – if you are feeling queasy on a day you can call it off! Want to switch the underlying mutual funds, you can! Increase or decrease your risk appetite – your call. Command and the client shall obey.

Complete your Profits

Did you know your profits are incomplete when you just get the growth of your Mutual Fund or Sovereign Gold Bonds or Stocks? There’s extra juice that can be squeezed – and stockmints ensures that we milk the last rupee!

Completely AI / Data Powered

You don’t the ins and outs of the stock market movement – but Stockmints does! You’ve got better things to do than watch charts all day or read stock news constantly. You don’t have to – because your faithful AI is constantly watching out for you – far better than you possibly can!

Ready To Transform Your Vision
Into Custom Software?

Embrace outsourcing and remote hiring with our skilled software developers!

Ready To Transform Your Vision Into Custom Software?

Embrace outsourcing and remote hiring with Our skilled software developers!

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